Beneath all the lies surrounding the horrific terrorist attack that killed a U.S. Ambassador and heroic SEALs in Libya the truth is hiding and OPSEC needs your help to get to the bottom of it.

On Thursday, December 20th, at 1:00PM EST, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs will hold a hearing on the Benghazi attack with testimony from key Obama Administration officials involved in the attack. They will answer direct questions from Members of Congress who are on the committee and the public.

The House Committee on Foreign Affairs will read all questions suggested through through their website, and attempt to seek answers to as possible during the proceedings.

OPSEC has some very specific questions that still need to be answered and we are asking all of our supporters to suggest one of OPSEC's questions or submit a similar questions of there own.

Here are five sample questions OPSEC would like to see Obama Administration officials answer, on the record, about the Benghazi attack:
  1. Why did four Americans have to die in Benghazi?

  2. Why did the Obama Administration refuse repeated requests for additional security from US personnel on the ground in Libya prior to the September 11, 2012, terrorist attack?

  3. Who made the decision to refuse timely aid to the Americans in harm's way at both the embassy and annex while the attack was occurring?

  4. Has the administration told the whole truth to the American people both during the attack and in statements after?

  5. Do you believe the decision to do nothing was a bad decision knowing that assets were available that could have changed the outcome of the situation?
Don't wait. Demand your answers today!

Click here to submit your question for Obama Administration officials.


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